Many times a Judge issues a Nebbia requirement to a bond.

This means that we must prove to the Judge and the Prosecutor where the monies to post bail is going to be withdrawn from along with sufficient collateral.

Sample: $50,000 with a Nebbia.
We need to justify $5,000.00 and collateral valued at minimum $50,000.00.

As long as you can document the monies it can be used. You can use Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, Money Market Accounts, Credit Cards, Impound Receipts, Spare Change and so on. (Limit the CASH donations to $300.00 or less).

When it comes to collateral the best source is property. The less money owed on the home the better. You must deduct monies owed to the current market value to obtain the estimated value of your home. Collateral can be negotiated.

What it all comes down to is the Judge and Prosecutor wanting to assure the monies and collateral being used are hard earn and not a source of the charges pending on the defendant.

Once the Nebbia is APPROVED and an Order is signed by the Judge,  bond can be posted!